7 mins Home Made Strawberry Jam七分钟自制草莓果酱

Making your own strawberry jam is very easy and more healthy to eat. Because does not contain any preservative and you can handle your own sweetness.


Ingredient we need are as below


200g fresh strawberry

1 table spoon lemon juice

100g sugar

1 microwavable lunch box


Before start making the jam sterilize the lunch box by microwave it for few minutes, then wipe it dry.



1.       wash the strawberry under salt water then remove the leaf and wipe it dry. 

2.       Put in all the ingredient into the lunch box and lightly stir

3.       Cover the lid and microwave for 2 minutes.

4.       Open the cover and stir it well, then microwave for any 3 minutes.

5.       Stir again and heat for any 2 minutes.

6.       You will see some bubble on top, remove the bubble and place it till cool.

7.       When it completely cool down, the it will become sticky like jam.

8.       Cover the lid and store it in the fridge.


If you do not have microwave, you can cook the jam using the pan. Beside strawberry, you can also replace it with pineapple, orange, or other fruits.

The lunch box I am using here is the melody lunch box 2 in a set.  It is very convenience to use.  It can only use to store food and put in fridge. Beside this model there are also twin star.




这里我所用的是melody的保鲜盒,可以微波,连盖也可以微波,非常的方便,一套有2个,除了这个还有twin star的。

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