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Fun Using Thomas Edison Training Chopsticks

HuHu! Finally the training chopsticks is here.  I gave one for my 3 years old daughter to try on, guess what, she can pick up any food with the chopsticks.  She enjoys using it so much and so happy to use it.

This chopsticks is suitable for kids 2-7 years old. I found an article describing more details about edison training chopsticks, hope this will help before you buying it. 

Hello Kitty USB Memory & Portable Harddisk

Can you believe your eye, Hello Kitty is now everywhere even USB Memory and portable harddisk also have their appearance. This is made in Korea and it still haven’t appear in Malaysia market. Isn’t it adorable, but the price is a lot more expensive compare to normal USB memory & portable harddisk.

Anyone interested to wholesale this products,feel free to let me know. The Hello Kitty USB Memory have 2GB,4GB and 8GB currently there are having promotion, therefore the price is 30% off, after 30% off the price is still consider very high for many people, but if you are a collector I believe you don’t want to miss it.

It has 1 year warranty and is Made in Korea, for Hello Kitty USB Memory, it comes with a strap.  For portable Harddisk, it comes with USB Cable,a strap, a pouch and a manual book. 5 different patterns to choose from. Discount will be given if buy 2 or more.

All of them are 100% licensed products!

Thomas Edison Version Training Chopstick. 汤姆士IQ学习筷



Today I would like to introduce this products.  This is made in Korea Thomas Kids Training Chopsticks(Edison Version) or it is call IQ Improvement Tools.  Why it is call IQ improvement tools? Because after using this tools it can improve your kids IQ. Haha!  looks like it is incredible.  Below are copy from one article, please read


“Thomas Edison Chopsticks are patented education products that enable children aged 2 and older with the wrong posture to immediately learn the principles of using them.
Also, they are new-concept kitchen utensils to help children to get used to using chopsticks in an easy and fun way, and develop finger motion which is impossible with forks, as well as concentration, focus, and intellect.


Chopsticks are one of the world’s cultural heritages unique to the Asian culture, and it is widely known that using chopsticks when young can help develop intellect.
Even though much research reports that IQ development is complete between the ages of 3-6, which indicates the significance of chopstick usage during this period, children before school age have rarely been trained for chopsticks, nor has there been any product available. Accordingly, INP researched children’s emotions, body figure, and psychology, so as to develop and manufacture chopsticks with a concern for function and safety that enable children who have reached the age of 2 to immediately learn the principles as they enjoy using them.”


After reading this article, I really can’t wait to get one of this chopsticks for my daughter. The design is very easy to use compare to the Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh and others design I have bring in last time. I really hope that this design of chopstick will have design of Hello Kitty, unfortunately currently only have Thomas pattern and Korean Character pattern.  I only bring in the Thomas Blue color pattern, if response is good in the future I will bring in the other colors and also the Korean character pattern.  If anyone interested to wholesale this items, welcome to contact me.


Here I have attached the instruction of using the chopsticks.


The following is Korea character learning chopsticks, the yellow color pattern is design for left handed kids.


This items estimate will arrive end of next week or end of this month.




大量的研究报告说,智力的完全发展是在3岁到6岁间,这表明儿童在入学年龄前训练用筷子有帮助到智力的发展哦。 目前进的是蓝色汤姆士款。有兴趣批发这个筷子的欢迎电邮询问。汤姆士共有3款。韩国可爱动物款有给左手的小孩哦。



Disney Beach Towel Gown

It has been a while that I have disappear on this blog, for those great supporter I am here to say “sorry”.

There are too many things happen and made me very busy and getting more lazy.  Anyway, things will getting better soon.  Here we have disney beach towel gown,I believe you all have not see anything like this before, this is a very new products which has not launch in the market yet.  I found this is very cute and useful items for kids, therefore I will bring in the stock and share with you all.

This is design for use at the beach to replace with normal towel, but I found it is very useful to use at swimming pool, or even use it as normal towel.  It is the same material with good quality towel, which is 100% cotton.  When use at the beach, your kids won’t get cold and it looks cool, isn’t it, compare wrapping body with a towel.

It has 5 designs to choose from,Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Pooh and Marie Cat. I believe your kids sure will love it.

The price for 1 Beach Gown is RM70.  If you have any questions about the beach gown, feel free to leave a message. Those who would like to wholesale this products are welcome to contact me.

Making sushi with sushi maker

It has been a long time I have promised some friends that I am going to demonstrate how to use this sushi maker.  I am really sorry for my laziness. Finally it is here. But the outcome is not as nice as the picture because I do not have good hand to make those cute things. I believe you all will make better than me.

Since making different shaped of sushi need some patient and time, therefore I just demonstrate the simple way.  Hope that you will know how to use after seeing the step by step photos below.  I wish to video it down, so that it will more understandable, unfortunately my dc with video function has broken.

First let me tell you what is inside this set of sushi maker.

You can see it from the picture, it contain one main body of sushi maker, 1 recipe stand, 6 recipes card with total of 12 recipes. 1 rice scoop, 1 clipper, and the yellow one is the mould to change the shape of your sushi rice to different eg. heart shaped. And plastic sheet, which serve like a sushi mat.

First you need to put in the plastic to the sushi maker.  From picture 2 you can see at the side of sushi maker it is written with L,M and S, this is the size of the sushi you want to make, if you want to make Large sushi, you put the stick (see picture 4 blue circle) at L, medium sushi put at M.

Picture 4 show you the right position of where the stick should put.  After you have put your stick and plastic at the right place and decided which size of sushi you want to make, then you follow picture 3.

In picture 3, there is a button, you push up the button and drag the top part of the sushi maker and become like picture 4.

Put sushi rice at the place shown on picture 5, then pull up the button again, but this time push in the top part of sushi maker and it will close up the sushi like picture 6.

Cut the right size of seaweed according to the chart show at the back of the box. Roll in the seaweed and once again push up the button and drag out the top part of sushi maker and your sushi is done.

If you wish to have cucumber and other ingredient in the sushi, after put in sushi rice you add in cucumber and other ingredients you like then put rice on top to cover up, then only you push in top part of sushi maker, roll in seaweed and drag out the top of sushi maker.

Below showing more advance sushi with heart shaped at the middle.

To make a sushi with heart shaped at the middle, first we need to make the heart shaped sushi first.

First we make the medium size of sushi like what you have learned above, after that put the medium size sushi into the mould as shown above and you will have a heart shaped sushi.

Next we need to put the heart shape sushi at the center of normal sushi, repeat the same step of 5,6,7,8 but this time put the sushi size to L. And remember to put the heart shape sushi you have made at the middle of sushi rice.

I hope you can understand the step by step picture and instruction above.  Above is the basic concept of using the sushi maker, if you understand the basic concept then you should be no problem making other sushi with grapes,bear or other pictures.  The heart shape I have make is not that obvious this is because I do not put enough sushi rice.

If you still have any questions, feel free to let me know.  I will try my best to help you understand how to use this sushi maker.

Have fun!

Pasta Maker 意大利面机

The pasta maker above is coming in end of January, limited unit are bringing in therefore, if you want to buy, you can email and let me know.  Recipes will be provided.  With the simple recipe you can make all varieties shape of pasta by yourself.  The pasta maker is easy to use, even your 6 years old kids can also work on this pasta maker.  It is a bit expensive because the Japanese Yen keep increasing and the shipping fee also high.
But it is worth buying, it is more healthy to make the pasta by yourself and it is also fun to make the pasta with your kids.  One Unit of this pasta maker is RM550



DIY Ice-cream Maker with recipe

Finally the DIY ice-cream maker is here, my daughter is very excited when seeing the ice-cream maker because outside the box got the picture of ice-cream, so I thought she thought there is ice-cream inside therefore want me to open the box.  I look thru the step by step picture and the ingredients, it is so simple and with the ingredients in your fridge you can make ice-cream any time you want.  Here is the recipe


Ingredient A

Approx. 18 square ice-cube

300ml ice water

120g salt (use the cheapest one)


Ingredient B

1 egg yolk

20g fine sugar

100ml full cream milk (can change to strawberry/chocolate/coffee etc flavour) I am using the chocolate milk

50ml whipping cream


Step 1 put all the ingredient A into the place shown in the picture.

Step 2 mix well ingredient B and pour into the center of the ice-cream maker as shown as picture

Step 3 put in the stir bar and cover it with lid. Turn the moving handle on top of the ice-cream maker in the clockwise position for about 6-10mins.

Step4 when the mixer become cream, change the stir bar to another equipment.

Step 5 at the center of the ice-cream mixer, there is a picture of heart, you can turn it to right or to left to have different shaped of ice-cream comes out.

Step 6 turn the moving handle clockwise again, be sure you have put a cup or ice-cream cup at the bottom of ice-cream maker. You will see your ice-cream start to comes up nicely.  You need to turn it fast to have nice shaped.


Important tips

1.       Please do not use low fat milk, you won’t success using low fat milk

2.       The whole process, you need to do it fast because if the temperature has increase you won’t get the ice-cream. So make sure you have prepare all the things first.

3.       You can put the center container of the ice-cream maker in the fridge for 1 night to make is more cold.(This step is optional)

4.       For whipping cream, I am using dairy whipping cream, if use non-dairy whipping cream it will become cream more faster but you might need to reduce the sugar.


I really enjoy using this ice-cream maker because it is really fun to use, you can even involve your kids in the process.  Besides, it does not contain any preservatives, it is more healthy and you can make your own ice-cream any time any flavour you like.  You can also put in fruits, cotton candy, chocolate, syrup etc on top of the ice-cream.





   蛋黄*1+细砂糖*20g+冰全脂牛奶100ml.+鲜奶油50ml (我用的是巧克力牛奶)







1.  确记,一定要用全脂牛奶,用低脂牛奶的话会失败,因为我们都不像日本的牛奶那样香浓

2.  操作过程要迅速,如果温度一升高,就会容易失败,我都事先把材料用好,一切都非常迅速,不可以慢吞吞

3.  你可以把中间装料的那个盆子,先在冷冻放一天

4.  鲜奶油可以用动物性或是植物性的。当然植物性比较容易打发,只是就要减糖


Hello Kitty Donut Maker (kitty脸型甜甜圈)

Japan is just coming out with this cute Hello Kitty Face shaped Donut Maker Set.  This set come with  4 kitty head shaped donut mould + multipurpose shaker cup + recipe. It is very easy to use, I will take the step by step pictures when I have try out.  This items will arrive around Jan 2009. 

Multipurpose shaker cup:approx.13×8×Height 19.5cm
kitty shaped donut mould x4:approx.11×7.5×height 6cm

The price is a bit expensive, it is because it is limited items.  If you miss it this time, you will not have the chance to get it again.  Estimate price is RM199, if you are interested in this donut maker, you can email me and reserve a unit.

Beside making donut, it can also use for pudding/steam egg/jelly/cake.  This mould cannot put in oven, it is use in microwave. The multipurpose shaker cup is very convenience to use, you can even use it to make bubble tea.

2008年就快结束了,很快的2009年就快到来了,2009年日本将会有很多新的模具,相信大家都非常的期待,可惜的是日元一直上升,加上邮费也涨价所以物品也稍微涨了。这次日本出了kitty脸型甜甜圈,每次到big apple看见那些可爱形状的甜甜圈都忍不住想买来吃。这次这个kitty脸型甜甜圈真的是与众不同,而且是限量出售的,这次错过了就可能很难买到了。最重要的是它非常容易使用,即使是对烘焙一窍不通的人都可以轻易的作成功。大约1月会到货,我将会试做然后附上步骤图,方便大家。由于是限量的所有价钱比较贵,大约RM199。有兴趣的朋友可以email我,跟我预购。


模子可以以后做布丁/蒸蛋/蛋糕/发糕/果冻 ,杯子以后做松饼就方便了,就可以一杯到底!



Seaweed Puncher

Recently I found some people having problem with the seaweed puncher.  Actually there are 2 types of seaweed puncher, one type is the whole puncher is plastic like, another type the puncher part is metal.
The plastic like puncher will be a bit harder to punch the seaweed as the weather in Malaysia is hot and humid and the seaweed will get soft quickly.  For the metal seaweed puncher will be a lot more easier to use but the price is higher. 

There is a tips for those who are buying the plastic like puncher.  Before you punch the seaweed, you can always grilled the seaweed on pan or put in oven and bake till crispy, it will become more easy to punch and it is crispy.

When cleaning the puncher you can always use a cotton bud and apply a little bit of oil to clean out the seaweed residue in the puncher.  For the metal puncher, after you wash using water, you might want to dry it before storage.

Seaweed puncher is very easy to use and fun to decorate your bento box, especially the sparkling eye seaweed puncher and cute expression seaweed puncher will cheers up your love one

Below showing is one of the plastic like seaweed puncher


Here is the metal seaweed puncher