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Shrimp Nugget

This shrimp nugget is very easy you can change the shrimp ingredient to chicken and it will become chicken nugget.

Here is the ingredient.

400g minced shrimp
4 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tsp Italian seasoning powder
some pepper + salt
2 tbsp low protein flour
1 tbsp cooking wine


1.Mix all the ingredient together until sticky paste like (you can add in some vegetable, since my daughter don’t like to eat vegie, so I have add some carrot in so that she will not realize she is eating vegie)
2. In another plate put some flour, make the paste into ball or nugget shape,  roll in the flour until the whole ball stick with flour.
3. Fry in the oil until golden brown.

If you wish to make chicken nugget, replace the shrimp to mince chicken and add 50g-100g of toufu (beancurd)

My daughter loves it very much, I believe your kids will love it too.

I have decorate it with Alphabet food picks.  It is really fun playing around with alphabet food picks, you can put any words you like on your food and play with your kids, ask your kid to pick the nugget with the alphabet of A

Hope you enjoy!!

Ugly Pooh Pancake


I have struggling for sometime whether I should post up this ugly winnie the pooh pancake. Finally, I decided to post it up mainly to share the recipes and usage of the pancake pan.

You can buy the pre-mix pancake flour in grocery store but it is quite expensive, why don’t we mix it by ourself and it is cheap and easy.  Below is the recipe

(Can make 8-10 pooh pancake)

40g icing sugar
a bit of salt
2tsp baking powder
1tsp corn flour
200g low protein flour/cake flour

You just have to mix the above ingredient together and put in the container, when you want to make pancake then only take it out.



To make pancake
take the mixture above and add in 200g milk,1 egg and a bit of vanilla essence,a small drop of oil and mix well.  If the mixture is too thick and hard you can add more milk


1.Heat the pooh pancake pan, apply some oil on the pan.
2.Pour the pancake mixture into the pan until about 1/3 full
3.Remember that you have to cook in small flame, otherwise it will stick.
4. Cook until you see small hole on top or until cook then it is ready to serve

The reason the outcome of my pancake does not looks like the one on the pancake pan picture is because my gas stove the middle part of flame cannot turn into small flame therefore I have to move around the pan with my hand so it is dark for some part but not the other.  If you are using the infra-red type of electric stove, I believe the outcome will be perfect.  if you are using gas stove and have no problem of turning to small flame then should be able to have a perfect pooh pancake too.

I will try at my mother’s house next time, for sure will have a perfect one as my mother’s gas stove is better than mine.

The mixture above can also use for waffle

To make waffle

Take out the flour mixture above add in 200g milk, 2 eggs,30g melted butter and some vanilla essence. Isn’t it is very easy to prepare and cook?

For the pancake pan, we have mickey mouse pattern, hello kitty pattern, winnie the pooh pattern and thomas pattern.


Bake Potato Cheese Ball马铃薯QQ麻薯球

This is a very easy recipe, can also known as lazy fellow snack. It takes only few minutes to prepare and if you like cheese a lot, you definitely will like this snack.  When it just bake, you  have a bite you will find inside is soft like mochi.


Here is the recipe



100g potato

40g cheese powder

10g low protein flour

40g potato starch



1.       Cook the potato until soft, smash it and let it cool down

2.       Put all the ingredients into plastic bag and mix well, add in marsh potato and mix it till dough.

3.       Put in preheated oven 180 degree, bake until golden brown about 15-18 mins.


If you don’t like potato, you can change to sweet potato or yam.  If you use sweet potato or yam, please replace cheese powder with fine sugar.


Here I am using the pooh transparent multipurpose mould to keep the snack.  Beside pooh, there are also hello kitty and tomica car pattern.


Hope you will like it too.