Cheese Toast with herbs 香料芝士吐司

Last few months, I have tasted a dish in a restaurant and fall in love with in.  It looks like very simple, therefore I have tried it myself.  I am not sure whether the outcome is the same, but the taste is good too.  Here I would like to share my very own cheese toast with herbs recipe.  Hope you all will like it.


1 egg

Italian Mixed Herbs

2 slice of breads (I  am using wholemeal bread here)

1 slice of cheddar cheese


1. Beat the egg and add in some Italian Mixed Herbs.

2. Put the cheddar cheese between 2 slice of breads.

3. Dip the bread into no.1 until the whole bread is soak with egg.

4. Heat the pan, add in oil and fry the bread until golden brown.

Hope you enjoy this simple breakfast!!

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