Chip and Dale Bread

I saw this cute chip and dale decoration from one japanese website, it is so cute therefore I would you like to share with you all.  The ingredient using here is very simple, just like most of the ingredients of your bento, but to make so perfect figure will need sometime of practice.

For those who are interested to have a try, here are the ingredients: Brown bread, cheese, ham, sausage, ketchup, tamago,chocolate. Mould using here is the chip and dale cookies mould.

First you need to use the chip and dale cookies mould to cut out the bread into chip and dale shape.

2. Use the mould again to cut the cheese, but cut out the top part so that when you put on bread will see the brown bread like the picture.

3. Use the cookies stamper to stamp the face of chip and dale, then use chocolate pen to draw out the eyes,nose and mould.  For red colour, you can use jam or ketchup.

4. The rest of the decoration, you can add in any food or fruits you like.  For the mushroom you can cut the sausage into half then cut the cheese round in shape and put it on the half of sausage like the picture. You can also use ham instead of sausage.

I hope you all get the picture on how to make this cute breakfast.  If you have success, please don’t remember to share with me.

Have a nice day.

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