Disney Beach Towel Gown

It has been a while that I have disappear on this blog, for those great supporter I am here to say “sorry”.

There are too many things happen and made me very busy and getting more lazy.  Anyway, things will getting better soon.  Here we have disney beach towel gown,I believe you all have not see anything like this before, this is a very new products which has not launch in the market yet.  I found this is very cute and useful items for kids, therefore I will bring in the stock and share with you all.

This is design for use at the beach to replace with normal towel, but I found it is very useful to use at swimming pool, or even use it as normal towel.  It is the same material with good quality towel, which is 100% cotton.  When use at the beach, your kids won’t get cold and it looks cool, isn’t it, compare wrapping body with a towel.

It has 5 designs to choose from,Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Pooh and Marie Cat. I believe your kids sure will love it.

The price for 1 Beach Gown is RM70.  If you have any questions about the beach gown, feel free to leave a message. Those who would like to wholesale this products are welcome to contact me.

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