Hello Kitty Milky Cookies

Milky Cookies

120g butter
2 egg yolks(size A)
80g ucug sugar(sieved)
250g corn flour, sieved with 35g milk powder (use kids milk powder taste more good
A little egg white for brushing

Mix butter and icing sugar until well-combines and light.  Add egg yolk and stir well.
2. Slowly add in corn flour an milk powder and mix into a dough.
3. Roll dough in between 2 sheets of plastic till about 1cm thick. Cut into desired shape
sugin cookie cutter. Place onto a baking tray.
r. Brush the surface with egg white .
5 Bake in preheated oven at 160 degree celcius for about 25 mins or until cooked.
6.Decorate with chocolate pen.

For this recipes, I have try 2 different moulds, one is the Hello kitty mould set which comes with chocolate pen and another one is the Brigitte cookies text stamper.

It is really fun to use the brigitte cookies text stamper, the outcome of the words are very clear and nice, you can put words like homemade by your name on your cookies or put some nice or sweet words on it. Or you can put different words on the cookies and have your kids learn the words while eating your homemade cookies.

For the hello kitty mould set, there are 3 different set, Set A, Set B and Set C, Set B which is the one I am using in this recipe already sold out, you can check on our website later and see any other set B coming in.

I found out that drawing on the cookies is not easy for the first time, but I believe when you have draw half of your cookies you already master the skill, I do not have the patient I only draw a few and you can see the outcome is not very nice because I just simply draw and let you see how’s the outcome.  Currently we have 2 different color of chocolate pen sell in our website, brown color and pink color both using the natural ingredient, if you buy the hello kitty mould set, it will comes with brown color chocolate pen.

Hope you all enjoy

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