Japanese Curry Pau

Can make about 8


150g potato (cut into small cube)

1/2 onion (about 100g cut into small cube)

200g minced meat

2 pieces of Japanese curry cube (can buy it from Jusco)

150g water

skin ingredients

135g water

3g instant yeast

250g plain flour

10g castor sugar

1 tsp cooking oil

Methods for filling:

1. Heat 1tbsp of oil in the pan and use small flame and cook the onion and potato until soft and fragrance.

2. Add in minced meat and cook until the meat become white.

3. add in Japanese curry cube and water.

4. Continue using small flame to cook, make sure the curry cube melt. Cook until it becomes thick then put aside and let it cold.

Methods for skin

For this part is a lot of steps, but since my hand is stick with the dough therefore I didn’t take the step by step photo

1. First mix water and instant yeast together, then only add in others ingredients

2. Use a spatula to mix until water is disappear

3. Use your hand to knead the mixer until it become soft and smooth dough (if you have machine, you can use machine to knead the dough), put under room temperature for 5 mins

4. Then we roll the dough into long pillar shape and divided into 8-10 similar size of dough

5. Use the rolling pin and roll the divided dough into thin round skin about diameter 10-12cm

6. Put in the filling at the center of skin (do not put too much of filling, otherwise it will be hard to close up

7. fold the side of skin and move forward to fold and fold until 1 round (This part is a bit hard and need some practice)

8. After done, put each pau on top of anti stick wax paper, (I didn’t use wax paper, I cut out mahjong paper but it will stick)

9. Put into steamer and cover it to have final fermentation for 15 mins

10. After fermentation, put in water in the wok and steam it for approx. 17mins using medium high flame.

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