Lucky Draw 抽奖活动

Good morning everyone!

I believe you all can’t wait to know more about the lucky draw. The picture above is the prize you will get for this lucky draw. 

Big Prize: Princess Stainless Steel Food tray set + Heart & Star Boiled Egg Mould Set  (worth total RM101)
Consolation Prize:
Heart & Star Boiled Egg Mould Set + Snow white Bio Face Mask (worth total RM35.50)

安慰奖:星星,心型蛋模 + 白雪公主口罩(价值RM35.5)

There are 2 ways to participate

first way is purchase from our website between Mar 19 to Apr 3 and you will stand a chance for the lucky draw

Second way blog about this lucky draw.  If you purchase online and also blog about this lucky draw, that’s mean you get 2 chances to win the lucky draw

Blog about this lucky draw between Mar 20-Apr 3. Attached 2 links in your blog
one is , another one is , please also tell us
1.what you like about our blog or website
2. What you products you wish to see more in the future

then come back this post and at the comment there leave the link that you blog about this lucky draw and you stand a chance for this lucky draw.

If there is anything not clear or not understand, feel free to let us know.

Winners will be announce between Apr 4- Apr 7.

Good Luck!






8 thoughts on “Lucky Draw 抽奖活动

  1. Hi! I am Bonnie from KL. I’d like to say that I am one of the loyalty customer and a fan for New Stylish Tokyo. Below is my answer for these 2 questions:-

    1.what you like about our blog or website
    Answer: I liked everything on your blog especially some of the food recipes posted on your blog it is very easy to do it. I’d tried some of the recipes like pooh banana cakes and moon cakes etc. Its really good taste & yummy. I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to Ms Veronica. She is very kind and helpful. She is such a wonderful woman. Honestly, I admire her so much.. She willing to share her info and knowledge with me. I’ll always support you. About the website. I liked the most is the lunch boxes,jelly/cookies mould, cookies cutter and Japanese foods as well. Basically I’ve collected most of the product items from you and for recently I like the handmade dolls from you. Its very cute and adorable… I’d purchased 2pcs for my babies for their collectibles.

    2. What you products you wish to see more in the future
    Answer: I wish to see more varieties products in future like others sanrio characters product items. Cartoon carpets, toiletries items,kitchen products and more Japanese Foods. Let us have more choice on it.

    Honestly, I am post this comment not really because of the lucky draw contest. Its comes from bottom of my heart.. Lastly, I wish New Stylish Tokyo have a very good business in future and I’ll support you always! Have a nice day!

  2. 嗨, 你好!!
    我是晓翠, 来自槟城.

    1) 在这个网站和部落格里的东西我都很喜欢, 由其是KITCHEN PRODUCTS 我最喜欢.在这个网站里, 我可以买到一些在外边买不到的用具.如:- EGG MOULD, CARTOON FACE CAKE/JELLY MOULD, RICE MOULD等等… 在孩子的SCHOOL PARTY里我用JELLY MOULD做了很多不同样子的JELLY 给他们拿去SCHOOL, 孩子们都很喜欢. 我也RECOMMEND给家长们关于这个网站.


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