Making sushi with sushi maker

It has been a long time I have promised some friends that I am going to demonstrate how to use this sushi maker.  I am really sorry for my laziness. Finally it is here. But the outcome is not as nice as the picture because I do not have good hand to make those cute things. I believe you all will make better than me.

Since making different shaped of sushi need some patient and time, therefore I just demonstrate the simple way.  Hope that you will know how to use after seeing the step by step photos below.  I wish to video it down, so that it will more understandable, unfortunately my dc with video function has broken.

First let me tell you what is inside this set of sushi maker.

You can see it from the picture, it contain one main body of sushi maker, 1 recipe stand, 6 recipes card with total of 12 recipes. 1 rice scoop, 1 clipper, and the yellow one is the mould to change the shape of your sushi rice to different eg. heart shaped. And plastic sheet, which serve like a sushi mat.

First you need to put in the plastic to the sushi maker.  From picture 2 you can see at the side of sushi maker it is written with L,M and S, this is the size of the sushi you want to make, if you want to make Large sushi, you put the stick (see picture 4 blue circle) at L, medium sushi put at M.

Picture 4 show you the right position of where the stick should put.  After you have put your stick and plastic at the right place and decided which size of sushi you want to make, then you follow picture 3.

In picture 3, there is a button, you push up the button and drag the top part of the sushi maker and become like picture 4.

Put sushi rice at the place shown on picture 5, then pull up the button again, but this time push in the top part of sushi maker and it will close up the sushi like picture 6.

Cut the right size of seaweed according to the chart show at the back of the box. Roll in the seaweed and once again push up the button and drag out the top part of sushi maker and your sushi is done.

If you wish to have cucumber and other ingredient in the sushi, after put in sushi rice you add in cucumber and other ingredients you like then put rice on top to cover up, then only you push in top part of sushi maker, roll in seaweed and drag out the top of sushi maker.

Below showing more advance sushi with heart shaped at the middle.

To make a sushi with heart shaped at the middle, first we need to make the heart shaped sushi first.

First we make the medium size of sushi like what you have learned above, after that put the medium size sushi into the mould as shown above and you will have a heart shaped sushi.

Next we need to put the heart shape sushi at the center of normal sushi, repeat the same step of 5,6,7,8 but this time put the sushi size to L. And remember to put the heart shape sushi you have made at the middle of sushi rice.

I hope you can understand the step by step picture and instruction above.  Above is the basic concept of using the sushi maker, if you understand the basic concept then you should be no problem making other sushi with grapes,bear or other pictures.  The heart shape I have make is not that obvious this is because I do not put enough sushi rice.

If you still have any questions, feel free to let me know.  I will try my best to help you understand how to use this sushi maker.

Have fun!

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