Mickey Face Fried Rice

I found out turning food into different forms are more and more fun.  This is the fried rice I made last week.  Instead of just pouring fried rice on plate, I use the mickey toast mould and press it into mickey face shaped like what you see in the picture.

After I have make out the mickey face fried rice and when I am going to take picture, my 3 years old daughter already go and take spoon and want to eat it.  Soon after I finished take the picture, she starts eating the fried rice.  Even though she didn’t finish the fried rice as the portion of fried rice is a bit big for 3 years old child but she eat more than normal.

If you take more time and use seaweed or other food to  decorate the mickey face, I believe it is more attractive, you can use seaweed and cut out the mickey eyes, nose, mouth and ear, or you can use other food like mushroom, carrot etc to decorate.  Hope you all enjoy!

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