NST.MY Offline Shopping

Good news for those who like offline shopping

We have put some of our stuff and sell it at inQbox in 1 Utama shopping center.  It is at LG floor, currently we occupied 2 boxes. Bad news is the box is small and only limited products can be put and sell there, here I have attached the picture of what I have putting in recently.

Another bad news is since rental in the store is not cheap therefore the price will be a little bit higher than online store.  If you wish to see products offline, please let us know and I will try my best to put it in the store.

Hope you all enjoy shopping!

2 thoughts on “NST.MY Offline Shopping

  1. hello, i would like to see one of your featured product “Japan Import no. 1 DIY Sushi Maker” at inQbox in 1 Utama shopping center.Cause i got no ideal how is it look like and how it function.Since it quite expensive so i hope to have a look on that before purchase.

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