Pre-order 2 End Jan21, 2010

-All the items below are pre-order items, it will arrive estimate on Feb 9, it might delay due to chinese new year coming soon.

- Please do not order if you cannot wait

- The price shown is NOT INCLUSIVE postage, postage is RM6 for West Malaysia, RM10 for East Malaysia

- Full payment has to be made upon confirmation of order. Which is total order + postage.
- Prices shown are not negotiable .
- No exchange or refund of items.
- No cancellation after payment is made.
- A full refund will be made if item/s is/are Out of Stock.
- Pre-order period might be extended if minimum order quantity are not met.


To pre-order, please leave your order on the comment column with your email address

Please make the full payment within 2 days after confirmation of pre-order

Thank you and have a nice day!

1. Panda Bread Cutter Set – RM60
 Cold Resistant -20 degree celcius, Heat Resistant 120 degree celcius

2. Car Lunch Plate
Red- RM75
Size: Width 33.5cm xDepth 21cmx height 7cm
Material: Body ABS Resin, Plate polypropylene

3.Ship Lunch plate-RM70

Length 40cmxHeight23cmxWidth 7cm

4.Bag Hanger -RM59
Size:50mmx8mm , Weight:50g, Load Capacity:2.5kg, material:zinc alloy
3 colours to choose from, white, purple and pink

5.Fringe Mini Should Bag-RM43
Size: Length 18cmx Width 15.5 cm
4 colours to choose from black, beige, gray, brown


6. Anpanman Lunch Plate-RM70 (cancel)
Material:ABS Resin
Suitable for kids 10-48months

7. Cute Puncher-RM55
Material:Body ABS Resin, cutting point zinc alloy

8.Pig Silicon Ice/Jelly/Chocolate/Cookies Mould -RM50
Whole size:17.5×17.5×1.7cm, individual size 3.3×2.8cm

9.Fashion Chocolate Mould -RM70
Size: Whole body215×105×h14mm
Individual Size:Bag approx30×28mm
Heel apprx.28×38mm
Fan approx. 30×37mm

10.Chocolate kits set-RM60
Create a chocoalte with surprise message inside.
Set included:1 ice tray,11 cutters,1 net,1 straw
Made in Japan

11.Fork shaped cookies cutter-RM10

12.Heart Bread Mould-RM59
Size:71×220×71mm Capacity:800ml
Made in Japan

13.Flower Bread Mould-RM59
Made in Japan

14.Star Bread Mould-RM59

15.Bear Bread Mould- RM72
Made in Japan

16.Heart Sponge Cake Mould 14cm-RM85
Made in Japan

17. Flower Shaped Donut Mould-RM30
Size:Diameter approx.6.7cm
Made in Japan

18. Bone Shaped Cookies Cutter-RM16

19.Spoon Shaped Cutter-RM10

20. Music Note Cutter-RM16

21.Hand Cutter -RM17

22.3D Cookies House Mould-RM55

7 thoughts on “Pre-order 2 End Jan21, 2010

  1. Would like to order the below:
    1. Panda Bread Cutter Set – RM60
    2. Bear Bread Mould- RM72

    Please advise the total amount and how is the payment to you.
    And when can i receive this thing.
    thank you.

    Boon siew

  2. Hi Boon Siew,

    You will receive an email from us on how to make payment. items estimate will arrived in Malaysia on Feb 9, if no delay, you should be able to receive before chinese new year

    Hi Sze Yi,
    For Singapore, you can make payment by using paypal or credit card.
    But the shipping fee will only be known when items arrived, because some items we do not know the weight.

  3. Hi.. I want to order this..

    Pig Silicon Ice/Jelly/Chocolate/Cookies Mould -RM50
    Whole size:17.5×17.5×1.7cm, individual size 3.3×2.8cm

    I might need to order something else from your site.. is it possible?

  4. Hi Veronica, i would like to order;

    Pig Silicon Mould
    Car Lunch Plate (Pink)
    Flower Bread Mould
    Flower Shape Donut Mould

    Tq :)

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