Pre-order end Sept 16,2011

All the items below are pre-order items, it will arrive estimate Nov 19last day to pre-order is Sept 16.

- Please do not order if you cannot wait

- The price shown is NOT INCLUSIVE postage, postage is RM6 for West Malaysia, RM10 for East Malaysia

- Full payment has to be made upon confirmation of order. Which is total order + postage.
-Payment have to make the latest on Sept 16. 11am.  Order will cancel if no payment receive on Sept 16- Prices shown are not negotiable .
- No exchange or refund of items.
- No cancellation after payment is made.
- A full refund will be made if item/s is/are Out of Stock.

To pre-order, please email us the items you are interested with the format shown below

product -Price x qty = subtotal
Shipping RM6(WM),RM10(EM)=RM6(WM)
Total: Subtotal+RM6(WM)

Example :
 Winnie the pooh bento set-RM120
 Hello Kitty Mini Steamboat pot(black) -RM150
Shipping RM6(WM),RM10(EM)=RM6(WM)
Total: RM120+RM150+RM6=RM270

Please remember to include

Delivery Name:
Delivery Address:
Delivery Phone No:
For products picture please visit

Rabbit Bear Flower Cookies/Bread/Cheese Mould-RM25

bbit Bear Frog bread Stamping Set -RM30

Car & Bear Dish Cup- RM22

Peas, Orange, Cherry food cup -RM24

Hello Kitty Tableware set-RM55

Hello Kitty Vegetable/Cookies Mould-RM25

Mickey Mould bread cutter-RM25

Hello Kitty 4 in 1 cookies stamping set-RM50

Hello Kitty Bread Mould-RM60

Winnie the pooh vegetable/cookies cutter set-RM25

 Hello Kitty 3D Cookies Mould-RM25

Doraemon Cookies mould-RM28

Rabbit Head and bear cookies mould-RM25

Rabbit Cookies mould-RM25

Monkey cheese/ham cutter-RM25

Pooh & Tigger Cookies Mould-RM25

Marie Cat cookies mould-RM25

Mickey Mouse Cookies Mould-RM25

Mickey Cookies mould box set-RM60

Pig silicon mould-RM50

Rice Ball Bento Wrap-RM80

Pokemon Fun & Easy Cooking-RM65

Pokemon Bento Book-RM62

Hello Kitty Pancake Pan-RM60

Natural colouring chocolate pen -RM80

akinoichigo magical bento -RM65
aikinoichigo daily fun character -RM65
akinoichigo 3 steps bento -RM65
akinoichigo 200 characters all steps bento (Recommend) -RM65
First time make cute cartoon bento -RM59
Pretty Easy kaeranmama character bento -RM65
69 pages, comes with cutters and puncher
Deco character bento -RM65
64 pages, comes with 3 set of silicon dish cup
akinoichigo character bento -RM65

Muku’s kyraben dairy -RM85

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