Sneak Preview of products coming in this week


I believe all of you can’t wait to have a look what’s coming in this week, so here I have post the upcoming products, of course the face mask will be here in the same shipment too.  If you all wish to know the price please be patient and wait till stock arrived.  Thank you. For this shipment, we have Hello Kitty Cake 2 bento boxes+ Bag Set, Hello Kitty Picnic Set, Hello kitty Stainless Steel Food Tray Set.  And looks we have other design of edison training chopsticks, isn’t it cool? For thomas training chopstick, this time we have spoon and a bag set.

I will also post others new products which is planning to bring in the future. So do check out our blog or website next week.  Have a nice day.

9 thoughts on “Sneak Preview of products coming in this week

  1. Hi Yee Ling, Bio Face Mask, stock will replenish end of September.
    For chopsticks, I will get back the stock from 1 Utama so, it will be available this evening.

    Have a nice day.

  2. so the chopsticks, u mean I also can buy it at 1 Utama? can u please let me know what is the name of the shop so that I can straight away get it from 1 Utama insteed.

    about the Bio face mask, i saw only mickey mouse bio face mask have stock what about Hello Kitty Bio face mask? when will it have stocks again?

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