Snoopy Catalogue

Hi all,

This is the new snoopy catalogue from Japan, I will only bring in the following products, some products will not be bringing in because need minimum quantity.  If you are interested to pre-order, you are required to pay 50% deposit first and willing to wait for 2-3 months. If you can wait, please email us the product name and quantity to, title “pre-order snoopy”

All the price still cannot confirm


1.Snoopy Plum Flower Bento Box -  around RM75-RM85

2.Snoopy Sakura Bento Box – around RM75-RM85


3. Snoopy Plum flower chopstick case – RM35-40

4. Snoopy Sakura Chopstick case-RM35-RM40


1. Snoopy sakura tea container- RM60-RM70

2. Snoopy Plum Flower tea container RM60-RM70

The following products are not bringing in just let you all have a look.

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