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Pineapple Slicer

I hate to cut the pineapple because it is very time consuming ,therefore most of the time I will buy the pineapple in tin, but it is more expensive and not that good for health as there might have some preservative inside to keep the pineapple fresh. I am so happy to have this pineapple slicer, it make job so easy but it is a bit pricy with this simple design but it is very useful

The pineapple I am using here is a bit small, you can buy a big pineapple. From the picture below, I believe now you know how I can get pineapple in a cyclinder shape, it is actually center part of the pineapple. I love to make pizza with lots of pineapple on it, it is yummy.  Next time  I will share my pineapple pizza with you.

For those who are interested to buy this pineapple slicer please email me sales@nst.my, currently only 1 left and might not have stock coming in again for this item, the price is RM130