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Seaweed Puncher

Recently I found some people having problem with the seaweed puncher.  Actually there are 2 types of seaweed puncher, one type is the whole puncher is plastic like, another type the puncher part is metal.
The plastic like puncher will be a bit harder to punch the seaweed as the weather in Malaysia is hot and humid and the seaweed will get soft quickly.  For the metal seaweed puncher will be a lot more easier to use but the price is higher. 

There is a tips for those who are buying the plastic like puncher.  Before you punch the seaweed, you can always grilled the seaweed on pan or put in oven and bake till crispy, it will become more easy to punch and it is crispy.

When cleaning the puncher you can always use a cotton bud and apply a little bit of oil to clean out the seaweed residue in the puncher.  For the metal puncher, after you wash using water, you might want to dry it before storage.

Seaweed puncher is very easy to use and fun to decorate your bento box, especially the sparkling eye seaweed puncher and cute expression seaweed puncher will cheers up your love one

Below showing is one of the plastic like seaweed puncher


Here is the metal seaweed puncher