Thomas Edison Version Training Chopstick. 汤姆士IQ学习筷



Today I would like to introduce this products.  This is made in Korea Thomas Kids Training Chopsticks(Edison Version) or it is call IQ Improvement Tools.  Why it is call IQ improvement tools? Because after using this tools it can improve your kids IQ. Haha!  looks like it is incredible.  Below are copy from one article, please read


“Thomas Edison Chopsticks are patented education products that enable children aged 2 and older with the wrong posture to immediately learn the principles of using them.
Also, they are new-concept kitchen utensils to help children to get used to using chopsticks in an easy and fun way, and develop finger motion which is impossible with forks, as well as concentration, focus, and intellect.


Chopsticks are one of the world’s cultural heritages unique to the Asian culture, and it is widely known that using chopsticks when young can help develop intellect.
Even though much research reports that IQ development is complete between the ages of 3-6, which indicates the significance of chopstick usage during this period, children before school age have rarely been trained for chopsticks, nor has there been any product available. Accordingly, INP researched children’s emotions, body figure, and psychology, so as to develop and manufacture chopsticks with a concern for function and safety that enable children who have reached the age of 2 to immediately learn the principles as they enjoy using them.”


After reading this article, I really can’t wait to get one of this chopsticks for my daughter. The design is very easy to use compare to the Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh and others design I have bring in last time. I really hope that this design of chopstick will have design of Hello Kitty, unfortunately currently only have Thomas pattern and Korean Character pattern.  I only bring in the Thomas Blue color pattern, if response is good in the future I will bring in the other colors and also the Korean character pattern.  If anyone interested to wholesale this items, welcome to contact me.


Here I have attached the instruction of using the chopsticks.


The following is Korea character learning chopsticks, the yellow color pattern is design for left handed kids.


This items estimate will arrive end of next week or end of this month.




大量的研究报告说,智力的完全发展是在3岁到6岁间,这表明儿童在入学年龄前训练用筷子有帮助到智力的发展哦。 目前进的是蓝色汤姆士款。有兴趣批发这个筷子的欢迎电邮询问。汤姆士共有3款。韩国可爱动物款有给左手的小孩哦。



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