2nd Anniversary Sales!

Time flies, our online store is now 2 years old.  To thank you for your support, we are having 2nd Anniversary Sales. Here is how the sales work:

Pick any 6 items from our online store and you will get 5% discount
Pick any 12 items from our online store and you will get 10% discount
Pick any 20 items from our online store and you will get 15% discount

If the item you pick from our store is having 10% discount and you have pick 20 items, you will get another 15% discount.  Isn’t this is great! Don’t miss this opportunity, it is only 2 days, the sales will end 11:59pm on Mar 20.

You will not see the discount directly, after you have checkout your shopping cart, you do not need to make payment first, wait for our email with your discounted amount you have to pay.

Let us know if you have any questions, we will have lucky draw for those purchaser and those who blog about our lucky draw, please checkout our next post today or tommorrow for more details of “Lucky Draw”

Once again thank you and have a great weekend!

Click here and start shopping now ! http://nst.my

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