DIY Ice-cream Maker with recipe

Finally the DIY ice-cream maker is here, my daughter is very excited when seeing the ice-cream maker because outside the box got the picture of ice-cream, so I thought she thought there is ice-cream inside therefore want me to open the box.  I look thru the step by step picture and the ingredients, it is so simple and with the ingredients in your fridge you can make ice-cream any time you want.  Here is the recipe


Ingredient A

Approx. 18 square ice-cube

300ml ice water

120g salt (use the cheapest one)


Ingredient B

1 egg yolk

20g fine sugar

100ml full cream milk (can change to strawberry/chocolate/coffee etc flavour) I am using the chocolate milk

50ml whipping cream


Step 1 put all the ingredient A into the place shown in the picture.

Step 2 mix well ingredient B and pour into the center of the ice-cream maker as shown as picture

Step 3 put in the stir bar and cover it with lid. Turn the moving handle on top of the ice-cream maker in the clockwise position for about 6-10mins.

Step4 when the mixer become cream, change the stir bar to another equipment.

Step 5 at the center of the ice-cream mixer, there is a picture of heart, you can turn it to right or to left to have different shaped of ice-cream comes out.

Step 6 turn the moving handle clockwise again, be sure you have put a cup or ice-cream cup at the bottom of ice-cream maker. You will see your ice-cream start to comes up nicely.  You need to turn it fast to have nice shaped.


Important tips

1.       Please do not use low fat milk, you won’t success using low fat milk

2.       The whole process, you need to do it fast because if the temperature has increase you won’t get the ice-cream. So make sure you have prepare all the things first.

3.       You can put the center container of the ice-cream maker in the fridge for 1 night to make is more cold.(This step is optional)

4.       For whipping cream, I am using dairy whipping cream, if use non-dairy whipping cream it will become cream more faster but you might need to reduce the sugar.


I really enjoy using this ice-cream maker because it is really fun to use, you can even involve your kids in the process.  Besides, it does not contain any preservatives, it is more healthy and you can make your own ice-cream any time any flavour you like.  You can also put in fruits, cotton candy, chocolate, syrup etc on top of the ice-cream.





   蛋黄*1+细砂糖*20g+冰全脂牛奶100ml.+鲜奶油50ml (我用的是巧克力牛奶)







1.  确记,一定要用全脂牛奶,用低脂牛奶的话会失败,因为我们都不像日本的牛奶那样香浓

2.  操作过程要迅速,如果温度一升高,就会容易失败,我都事先把材料用好,一切都非常迅速,不可以慢吞吞

3.  你可以把中间装料的那个盆子,先在冷冻放一天

4.  鲜奶油可以用动物性或是植物性的。当然植物性比较容易打发,只是就要减糖


2 thoughts on “DIY Ice-cream Maker with recipe

  1. The ice-cream maker and the result look really good. I remember my Mum making ice-cream for us when we were kids too! How much does it cost? How big is it? And how much ice-cream did it make at one time e.g. how many cones could you fill?

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