Hello Kitty USB Memory & Portable Harddisk

Can you believe your eye, Hello Kitty is now everywhere even USB Memory and portable harddisk also have their appearance. This is made in Korea and it still haven’t appear in Malaysia market. Isn’t it adorable, but the price is a lot more expensive compare to normal USB memory & portable harddisk.

Anyone interested to wholesale this products,feel free to let me know. The Hello Kitty USB Memory have 2GB,4GB and 8GB currently there are having promotion, therefore the price is 30% off, after 30% off the price is still consider very high for many people, but if you are a collector I believe you don’t want to miss it.

It has 1 year warranty and is Made in Korea, for Hello Kitty USB Memory, it comes with a strap.  For portable Harddisk, it comes with USB Cable,a strap, a pouch and a manual book. 5 different patterns to choose from. Discount will be given if buy 2 or more.

All of them are 100% licensed products!

3 thoughts on “Hello Kitty USB Memory & Portable Harddisk

  1. To order USB memory or portable harddisk, please send email to sales@nst.my before June 30, since this items is pre-order items therefore you have to pay 50% deposit. It will takes approx. 1 month to arrive. For others products you can order from our website http://nst.my

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