Ideas on using square bread mould

Good morning everyone!

It has been very long time that I did not write anything on my blog.  This is because recently I am spending more time on handmade instead of on bento, you can visit my another facebook fans to have a look of my handmade

Today,  I am going to introduce a very useful and I find very interesting product, which is the square bread mould.  This mould can instantly cut your bread into 4 mini bread with filling inside like the picture show below.  It saves your time and it is the right size for your kids.

This mould is very easy to use,  put your bread inside one side of the mould and you just have to put 4 parts of filling on  the bread like the picture show below

Then put another slice of bread on top, after that you just have to put another part of the mould with 4 square cutter on top of it and you will get 4 mini square bread with filling.  As for filling, you can always change it with anythings you like, below is the sample picture with different kind of fillings

For fillings, you can put jams, egg, tuna, ham, cheese, chocolate ,chicken, hot dog ,etc.  From monday to Friday, you can come out with different bread for breakfast.

The fun part is you can decorate your square bread with your bento tools.  Below are some ideas that how you can decorate your square bread.  I got all these pictures from Internet, the picture there have the blogger or website url, you can visit their website for more details.

For the picture above, they have use food picks, puncher and cutter.  If you wish to make something similar to above, you can purchase our cute hat food picks , our seaweed puncher , and our multi purpose cutter

Hopefully all the picture above will give you more ideas on using the mould above.  If you wish to purchase this square bread mould, please click here

Hope you all enjoy bentoing (^_^)


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