Kawaii Hello Kitty Straw

This Hello Kitty Straw is so adorable, once I saw it, I have love it so much.  Unfortunately this is limited products, currently I only be able to get 1 set for each pattern and want to give it to my daughter, I try to request from the supplier to adjust some stock for me but don’t know can get it or not.

For those who wish to get it, then will need to depends on your luck.

4 thoughts on “Kawaii Hello Kitty Straw

  1. so cute……do you have other cartoon or not? I would like to get 1 set of hello kitty for my girl and other cartoon for my son, or else, they will fight like Tom & Jerry….

  2. Hi Joey,

    Sorry for my late reply, unfortunately currently only see this kind of hello kitty straw. This is limited items and I have no idea whether still can get any stock for the hello kitty straw, if stock coming in will reserve 1 for you if you interested.

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