Playing Around with Cute Onigiri

Hi, today I would like to introduce this cute onigiri (Japanese Rice Ball)
I found this article very interesting therefore I translated into English,
so that you all can understand.

Ingredient you need
Seaweed, hotdog, tamago (Japanese thin sweet omelete that is rolled while cook), rice

utensil you need
seaweed puncher, tweezer, different shaped of rice mould
1. Put your rice into any shape of rice mould you like, here we are using the cube shaped rice mould

2. Use tweezer to put on the seaweed that you have punch from seaweed puncher on your onigiri, and now your onigiri has alive with cute expression.

3.If you do not have seaweed puncher, you can use a scissors to cut out any shape you like. The picture showing here is making a car. For wheel, we use hotdog.
Apply some sauce on hotdog so that it will sticks on your onigiri.

4.For a flower shaped gift, we use hotdog as the gift body, put some seaweed strip on the body. For the top flower we use cheese and cut it into flower shape using cutter
and put carrot on the middle of the flower.

Below showing all the different kind of rice mould that can make your onigiri cute and fun. 

I hope you all have fun.  Have a nice day! (^_^)

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