Pre-order 3 End Feb23

-All the items below are pre-order items, it will arrive estimate on Mar 11, it might delay 2-3 days.

- Please do not order if you cannot wait

- The price shown is NOT INCLUSIVE postage, postage is RM6 for West Malaysia, RM10 for East Malaysia

- Full payment has to be made upon confirmation of order. Which is total order + postage.
-Payment have to make the latest on Feb 23. Order will cancel if no payment receive on Feb 23.

- Prices shown are not negotiable .
- No exchange or refund of items.
- No cancellation after payment is made.
- A full refund will be made if item/s is/are Out of Stock.
- Pre-order period might be extended if minimum order quantity are not met.


1.Hello Kitty Head Shaped Bread Cutter-RM65

Plastic materials: polypropylene
Heat resistance: 120 ℃

2.Tomica Car Bread Cutter -RM65

Plastic materials: polypropylene
Heat resistance: 120 ℃

3.Anpanman Vegetable/Cheese/Ham Cutter -RM35

Made in Japan
Size: Approx.W5×D4.5×H1.4cm 

4.Hello Kitty Bento Accessories Set-RM110
Set included 3 different shape of Rice mould, Vegetable cutter and 2 seaweed puncher
made in Japan

5.Mickey Mouse & Friends Cookies Box Set-RM95
Set of 10 pcs cookies cutter as shown in picture.

Box size: 184 × 148 × 62mm
◆ Material: cutter / polypropylene (heat 110 ℃), tin / steel (tin plating), the handle / polypropylene

Cookies cutter size approx. 5x5cm

6.Bear Bread Mould- RM72
Made in Japan

7.Pooh Head Shaped Pancake/egg/burger Mould + Stencil-RM50

8.Hello Kitty Timer-RM49
Come with battery, with stand and magnet at the back

9. Doreamon pancake pan- RM120

Size:approx. 152×370×45mm

10.Mickey Mouse puncher-RM60

11.Cute Ice /jelly/chocolate Mould-RM35


12.Cute Space ice/jelly/chocolate mould-RM35


13. Princess timer-RM50
Can stand, hang and back with magnet
size: approx.73×86×23 mm

14.Princess ice-cream mould-RM35

15.Eiffel Tower cookies cutter-RM35
Made in Germany

 16.Chocolate kits set-RM60
Create a chocoalte with surprise message inside.
Set included:1 ice tray,11 cutters,1 net,1 straw
Made in Japan

17.Flower Shaped Donut Mould-RM35
Size:Diameter approx.6.7cm
Made in Japan

18.Music Note Cutter-RM17

19.Fork shaped cookies cutter-RM14

20.Spoon Shaped Cutter-RM14

21.Milk Bottle cookies cutter -RM18
Made in Germany
Size: approx.6.3×2.8×h2.1cm

22.Baby Cookies Cutter-RM18

Anpanman egg mould -RM40
Set of 2

2 thoughts on “Pre-order 3 End Feb23

  1. I would like to buy this pre-order of these 2 items
    can I?

    1.Hello Kitty Head Shaped Bread Cutter-RM65
    2.Hello Kitty Bento Accessories Set-RM110

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