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Easy to make Pooh & Kitty Corn Jelly

This recipe is very simple and it takes less than 30 mins to have this corn jelly done.

This recipe can make 4 pooh jelly and 4 kitty jelly

1 tbp Jelly powder
300ml Cream Style Sweet Corn (can get it from hypermarket)
100ml coconut milk
100ml water
1-2tbp sugar

1.Put all the ingredients into a cooking utensil, cook and stir until the sugar melted.
2. Turn to small flame and cook until boiled.
3.Pour into Hello Kitty and Pooh Silicon Mould, when it cool down put in the fridge for few hours.
4. Take out from the mould and your jelly is ready to serve

Pooh Mango Jelly 小熊维尼芒果果冻

The Pooh Mango Jelly is very easy to prepare and make.   For this recipe I am using the Japan Import Pooh Cake/Jelly/Pudding Mould Below are the ingredients


500ML mango juice
1 packet Jelly Powder


1.Boiled 500ml mango juice.
2.Turn down the flame and pour in Jelly Powder, stir for another 5 mins.
3.Pour the mixture into mould .
4. Place in refrigerator, allow to set.

The Jelly is very easy to take out, like what you see from the last picture.  Enjoy!!!