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Easy to make Pooh & Kitty Corn Jelly

This recipe is very simple and it takes less than 30 mins to have this corn jelly done.

This recipe can make 4 pooh jelly and 4 kitty jelly

1 tbp Jelly powder
300ml Cream Style Sweet Corn (can get it from hypermarket)
100ml coconut milk
100ml water
1-2tbp sugar

1.Put all the ingredients into a cooking utensil, cook and stir until the sugar melted.
2. Turn to small flame and cook until boiled.
3.Pour into Hello Kitty and Pooh Silicon Mould, when it cool down put in the fridge for few hours.
4. Take out from the mould and your jelly is ready to serve

Hello Kitty Donut Maker (kitty脸型甜甜圈)

Japan is just coming out with this cute Hello Kitty Face shaped Donut Maker Set.  This set come with  4 kitty head shaped donut mould + multipurpose shaker cup + recipe. It is very easy to use, I will take the step by step pictures when I have try out.  This items will arrive around Jan 2009. 

Multipurpose shaker cup:approx.13×8×Height 19.5cm
kitty shaped donut mould x4:approx.11×7.5×height 6cm

The price is a bit expensive, it is because it is limited items.  If you miss it this time, you will not have the chance to get it again.  Estimate price is RM199, if you are interested in this donut maker, you can email me and reserve a unit.

Beside making donut, it can also use for pudding/steam egg/jelly/cake.  This mould cannot put in oven, it is use in microwave. The multipurpose shaker cup is very convenience to use, you can even use it to make bubble tea.

2008年就快结束了,很快的2009年就快到来了,2009年日本将会有很多新的模具,相信大家都非常的期待,可惜的是日元一直上升,加上邮费也涨价所以物品也稍微涨了。这次日本出了kitty脸型甜甜圈,每次到big apple看见那些可爱形状的甜甜圈都忍不住想买来吃。这次这个kitty脸型甜甜圈真的是与众不同,而且是限量出售的,这次错过了就可能很难买到了。最重要的是它非常容易使用,即使是对烘焙一窍不通的人都可以轻易的作成功。大约1月会到货,我将会试做然后附上步骤图,方便大家。由于是限量的所有价钱比较贵,大约RM199。有兴趣的朋友可以email我,跟我预购。


模子可以以后做布丁/蒸蛋/蛋糕/发糕/果冻 ,杯子以后做松饼就方便了,就可以一杯到底!



Hello Kitty Cripsy cookies 酥脆饼

未烘时Before bake

Ingredient A:
180g margarine
1 egg
80g caster sugar

Ingredients B
(sieved together)
250g plain flour
50g corn flour
1tsp baking soda
1/2 tbsp custard powder
1/2 tsp salt

1 egg yolk, mixed with 1/2 tsp salt for glazing

1. Put Ingredient A into a mixing bol, use beater to cream together until fluffy.
2. Slowly add inB and mix into a dough.  Roll the oudh into 1/2 cm this and use the hello kitty cookies mould to cut the shaped of hello kitty and then use the stamper to stamp the face.
3.place the cookies onto a baking tray and glaze with beaten egg.
4. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degree celcius for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

Note:egg yolk added some salt will make the cookies smell more good.
This recipe is good for those who do not like butter flavour.

180g 马芝琳
250g 面粉
50g 栗粉











This is a very simple bento, on the left you can see the Hello kitty bread which can be make using the Hello Kitty Vegetable Mould.

At the center of the bento box there are cherry tomato and cherry, and the last is the Japanese Curry.

Curry is a very special spices that can make you have appetite to eat more, but most of the children are afraid of spicy food, Japanese curry is the best for kid to start trying spicy food because it is not spicy at all. Japanese curry is very easy to cook, you just have to buy the japanese curry cube and follow the instruction at the back of the packing.

Have a great day!!