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Snoopy Bean Curd

Out of ideas what to cook? This is the dish what I usually make when I have too busy, the ingredient you need is bean curd (tauhu) and seaweed sprinkle.  You can steam the bean curd until hot, I usually put into microwave for 8 mins (Lazy way), after that just have to sprinkle some seaweed on top, that’s it.  This time I am using the snoopy seaweed sprinkle, it is so cute and my kid love it so much, can’t believe she eat more than usual.

The snoopy seaweed sprinkle come with 3 flavours, egg, chicken and vegetable. The fun thing is each individual package is written with vocabulary.  Therefore you can enjoy your meal at the same time teach your kid with new vocabulary.

The best thing is it is low in calories and full of nutrition.  Beside sprinkle on bean curd, you can also sprinkle on rice.  Hope you all enjoy!