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Make Lovely Sandwich using 6 in 1 Heart Mould

Below article is translated from kaeranmama  article showing how to make lovely sandwich using 6 in 1 heart mould.  Pictures are also taking from kaeranmama  website. I have modify some information from the article to make you more understand.  Hope you will like it. 

First we need to prepare the following ingredients: bread, ham, hotdog, cheese, apricot jam and strawberry jam, and of course the heart moulds.

There are 6 heart moulds in the set, but we are going to use only 3 moulds here. Start from the smallest size of mould I mark it as mould 1, and the largest size of mould as mould 6.  Here we going to use, mould 1,3 and 5.

1.First, we use the mould 5 to cut the bread. We need 2 slice of this size of “heart” bread

2.Now, use mould 3 to cut one of the “heart” bread we have previous cut,like the picture below

3.And then follow by cutting using the smallest mould which is mould 1, like the picture show below

4.  Now, apply jam on the bread we have cut on step 1.

5.Put the bread that you cut at step 2 on top of the bread that you have apply jam. Like the picture below

Lastly, put the smallest pieces of bread at the middle of the jam and we are done.

Since we have left over a middle heart ring, so we are going to make another design of heart bread.

We just have to cut another piece of bread and ham using mould 5. and put accordingly like the picture below. Cut the both end of hotdog diagonally so that when you combine 2 hotdog together it will looks like heart.

Put all accordingly, you will have something like the picture below

You can change ham to cheese, and strawberry jam to apricot jam and have a different design of your bread.

The 6 in 1 heart shape mould can get it here

Simple Breakfast

This is the breakfast I made for my daughter yesterday.  With the current available ingredient at home you can always turn your meal different and made your family member happy. 

Ingredient for this breakfast are

bread, milo powder and tuna.

The mould I am using  is Colour Cookies Cutter Set, this mould not only can use for cookies, it can also use to cut bread/cheese/ham/vegetable etc. The special of this mould is you can make up to 16 or more combination of cookies.

1. To make the bread like the picture, first I am using the large heart mould to cut out the heart shaped bread.

2. We need to cut out 2 pieces of large heart shaped bread.

3. Use one of the heart shaped bread and use the small heart mould to cut the inner side of the heart bread and get 1 piece of heart bread with hold inside like picture 4.

4. Now, you can apply any filling you like.  To have colourful filling, you can use jam.  I use what I have at home, therefore I use milo powder for the heart shaped bread and tuna filling for the star shaped bread.

5. Then put in the oven and bake for about 10 mins.

The outcome does not look very nice, but I hope you all enjoy this post.  The plate I am using here is hello kitty plate gift set.  There are 3 plates in a set and is made in Japan.  It is microwave and dishwasher safe. When you have finished your food, you will see the nice and cute kitty face, isn’t it cute?

Pooh & Piglet Sandwich

Everyday thinking of what to cook is very bothering things, but with cute tools will make breakfast looks different everyday.  Eventhough everyday is having sandwich or bread as breakfast but with the change of filling and change of tools will make your breakfast looks different.

Today I want to demonstrate the pooh sandwich cutter with stamper tools.  This is very easy to use tools and the outcome it very attractive.

You just have to prepare filling for your bread, bread and this set of tools then follow the step by step picture and you are done.

If you have anything not understand, please let me know, I will try to explain to you. I like this tools very much, because it will seal your filling inside the bread or sandwich and it will fall out when you are eating your bread. The stamper beside stamp is on your bread, you can also use it to stamp on your cookies, mooncake etc. This tool is made in Japan.

To puchase this pooh sandwich cutter & stamper set, please click here , if you click and it shows product not found, means that the item have sold out.

Hope you like this post.  Have a nice day.

Breakfast that will make you smile

This is the breakfast that I made this morning.  It is very easy and fun to make

Ingredients we need are bread,tuna,mayonaise ,onion and seaweed
Tools we need are seaweed puncher and rolling pin.

Before we start, we need to remove the water or oil from the canned of tuna, add in mayonnaise and chopped onion. Then refer to the step by step picture below:

1.Remove the 4 sides of bread
2.Use rolling pin to flatten the bread
3.spread mixture of tuna on top of the bread
4.Roll the bread as shown.

Put the seaweed to the puncher and punch it.
Note: As our country weather is hot and humid, your seaweed might have turn soft and hard to punch. What you can do is bake your seaweed in your oven, if you do not have oven you can also grilled it with your pan and your seaweed will become crispy and easy to punch.

After you have punch your seaweed, apply some mayonnaise on the seaweed and decorate it on your bread.
The seaweed puncher I am using here is sparling eyes seaweed puncher, you can always try out with others pattern of seaweed puncher ,click here to take a look of other seaweed puncher.

Hope you enjoy!

Chip and Dale Bread

I saw this cute chip and dale decoration from one japanese website, it is so cute therefore I would you like to share with you all.  The ingredient using here is very simple, just like most of the ingredients of your bento, but to make so perfect figure will need sometime of practice.

For those who are interested to have a try, here are the ingredients: Brown bread, cheese, ham, sausage, ketchup, tamago,chocolate. Mould using here is the chip and dale cookies mould.

First you need to use the chip and dale cookies mould to cut out the bread into chip and dale shape.

2. Use the mould again to cut the cheese, but cut out the top part so that when you put on bread will see the brown bread like the picture.

3. Use the cookies stamper to stamp the face of chip and dale, then use chocolate pen to draw out the eyes,nose and mould.  For red colour, you can use jam or ketchup.

4. The rest of the decoration, you can add in any food or fruits you like.  For the mushroom you can cut the sausage into half then cut the cheese round in shape and put it on the half of sausage like the picture. You can also use ham instead of sausage.

I hope you all get the picture on how to make this cute breakfast.  If you have success, please don’t remember to share with me.

Have a nice day.

Simple mould + Mickey Egg Mould

This is the mould I like it very much, it is simple but cute and easy to use, great for bread/toast/cookies/cheese/ham etc. Below is the demonstration on how to use the mould.

To purchase this mould please click here

Below is the egg that have shaped using mickey egg mould, the picture is not very clear, I have try a few time,but the picture outcome is still blurr, the outcome of the egg is quite cute but the egg I am using is not big enough, therefore the mickey ear is too small and make the mickey does not looks like mickey.

Heart Shaped French Toast

Do you like to eat French Toast? How about turning your french toast into heart shaped?

First you just need to follow the step by step here but no need to stamp picture on it because after you have cook the picture will not show. After you have done.  Beat 2 eggs, put in your heart shaped toast and make sure both side has soak with egg. Fry it on pan until golden brown, then put 1 small cube butter and some honey or maple syrup.

Mickey Minnie Heart Shaped Bread

Making this pattern of bread is very easy, you need 2 types of mould, one is mickey minnie cookies mould, another mould is the heart shaped Toast/Sandwich Mould, for the filling I apply one side with kaya and another side with peanut butter, you can always apply any jam or filling you like.

Below is the step by step picture showing how to make the mickey minnie heart shaped bread.

First you need the mickey or minnie stamper and stamp it on the bread first, then apply kaya and peanut butter, combine 2 pieces of bread together and use the heart shaped mould to cut out the shape.

That’s it, it is so easy and fun.  Your bread is no longer dull square shaped. You can also put in oven and toast it.

Mickey Mouse Toast

I hope you all can understand the step by step picture below, if you have anything not understand,feel free to let me know.

After cut out the bread and stamp the mickey face, you just have to put in oven 150 degree celsius for 10mins and you will have a very nice mickey head toast like the first picture. Beside making toast, the mould can also use to cut cake into mickey face, after you have bake a cake, use the mould to cut out the face.
you can also use the mould as rice mould and you will have mickey face rice.

Hope you all have fun with the mould.  To purchase click here

See my daughter enjoying using the mould

Time to eat :)



My Heart “BreadFast”

First we need to prepare the filling for this bread, here is the ingredients

2 hard boiled eggs
10 cherry tomatoes
some lettuce
2 tablespoon Mayonaise

Cut the eggs,tomatoes and lettuce into small pieces then mix it with mayo just like the picture below

Follow the picture below and you will be able to get a heart shape bread.
By using this mould the filling in the bread will not so easily fall out.

Click here for mroe details about the heart shape mould. There is also a matching bento box for the heart bread