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Cartoon ABC Soup 卡通营养菜汤

I believe most of you already know how to cook this ABC soup, it is very simple the ingredients you need is
1 carrot
1 potato
1 tomato
some ikan bilis
put 2 bowls of water and cook until all the ingredient soft, no other seasoning needed and the soup is ready to serve.
Instead of normal ABC soup I use tomica vegie mould and hello kitty vegie mould to have different kind of shape for carrot and potato.  Children will love it so much and will eat more.  Beside cutting vegetable, the mould can also use for bread, cheese,ham, fruits,cookies etc.  With your creativity, I believe you will come out with more ideas with the mould.

Remember don’t throw away those residue of potato or carrot, you can either put into your soup and cook together and chop it into small pieces and use it for fry rice.

Below is the step by step picture guide of using the mould




This is a very simple bento, on the left you can see the Hello kitty bread which can be make using the Hello Kitty Vegetable Mould.

At the center of the bento box there are cherry tomato and cherry, and the last is the Japanese Curry.

Curry is a very special spices that can make you have appetite to eat more, but most of the children are afraid of spicy food, Japanese curry is the best for kid to start trying spicy food because it is not spicy at all. Japanese curry is very easy to cook, you just have to buy the japanese curry cube and follow the instruction at the back of the packing.

Have a great day!!